Sick or dying, this Phuket wedding planner will not miss the big day for anything. Lincoln will be your right-hand man and knows how important his presence is for you to enjoy the ceremony stress free.
While we understand the fashion involved with dressing for an event like this, comfortability is a must. With our experience, we suggest guests wear light, natural, and breathable fabrics. Tuxedos and three piece suits, while beautiful, may leave those wearing them warmer than they desire.
Getting suits tailored is a great idea. However, it is a time consuming process. If the groomsmen plan to have their suits tailored in Phuket, our wedding planner advises 4 - 5 days for adjustments before the wedding.
We will happily plan a rehearsal dinner in Phuket, in addition to the wedding rehearsal. Please inform us if this is a service you would like.
There are endless activities in Phuket! Luxuriously relaxing spas, entertaining and informative cooking classes, and plentiful pints on Bangla Road, just to name a few. However, we advise against any activity that could cause injury like jet skiing, paragliding, etc.
You will be given instructions by the makeup artist and hair stylist to ensure you are perfect for your perfect day!
Our experienced Phuket and destination wedding planner recommends to arrive 4 - 5 days before the wedding. This allows for proper preparation and will minimize stressful situations. If unable to arrive in the recommended time, it is acceptable to arrive at least 24 hours before family.

The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.

The tropical paradise of Phuket offers a beautiful environment for flawless photos. To assure this idyllic landscape remains such, our wedding planner will make sure the venue has intentions of managing insects accordingly.
Our Phuket wedding planner is there to guide the bride, bridal party, groom and groomsman, making sure everyone is in the right place. Our wedding planner, Lincoln, is there to make everyone’s lives easier so you can enjoy the day of your dreams. Lincoln will keep guests smiling while managing vendors and the wedding party throughout the occasion.
Many families of the modern age live countries apart from their children. This explains the widespread practice of families meeting on the day of the ceremony. If possible, we recommend introducing your families beforehand. The inviting nature of an early introduction will enable your families to converse freely and at ease during the nuptials.
Lincoln will gladly arrange for taxis, vans or minibuses to transport people to and from the gorgeous venue.
One of the reasons we advise arriving 4 -5 days before the ceremony is for details such as this. A food tasting will be provided prior to the event where you can discuss any concerns, such as spice level, with the caterer.
Your perfect marriage ceremony will not be ruined by sweat or uncomfortable guests. The venue will provide cooling fans that will not damage the flower arrangements.


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