Bespoke Wedding Planning Service

We offer a fully bespoke wedding planning service for those couples wanting the total package with high levels of organization, unique ideas and attention to detail. There is no set formula to our wedding planning – it’s not a once size fits all kind of service. Each wedding is tailored from our experience of the planning process, the knowledge of the best vendors and what you want for your day. Each of our clients has unique personalities, style, preferences and ideas. This is a journey we take with you, not for you and our relationship with you is key to a successful and enjoyable experience and memorable wedding day.



General Information

Phuket Sunset Weddings provides specialist wedding planning services for couples wishing to hold their wedding in stunning Phuket.  Planning a wedding from a distance can be fraught with difficulty and engaging the services of a wedding planner can be an affordable way to save you time, money and stress.


Planning a wedding takes time and knowing who to trust and who is the right supplier for you can be daunting – we can save you time by knowing and recommending suppliers we have worked with before and know how to get the best price for your style and budget.


Keeping track of your budget is one of the most difficult tasks when planning your own wedding.  Wedding planners know how much things should cost and what percentage of your budget should be spent on each wedding aspect and when payments need to be made to confirm bookings – all of this can save you stress and money.


There are a lot of details to remember when planning your own wedding and even with an extensive checklist you have made, things may still be forgotten – causing stress on the day.  Wedding planners know what needs to be done – we have done it all before and we will keep track of deadlines and remind you when things need to be done and decisions made. We can be your own personal assistant whose only responsibility is running around for your wedding!  Leaving you time to enjoy each other.


Phuket Sunset Weddings offers a full range of planning services. Whatever the requirements for your special occasion, we will provide a unique, professional service catering to your needs on beautiful Phuket Island or it’s surrounds.


Beach (Various Locations) Prices start from 35,000THB

Hold your special day on a scenic beach around sunset in a beautiful location on lovely Phuket.   This venue is ideal for couples that want a simple yet elegant ceremony either on their own or with a circle of family and friends.


Beach Clubs (Various Locations) from 45,000THB

The same scenic beach backdrop with the added bonus of modern facilities nearby to accommodate the reception after the ceremony.   Perfect for couples that want an all inclusive ceremony and reception without the added stress of changing locations.  Choosing a set menu dinner with live entertainment or an open bar to keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning, beach clubs have the benefit of having the staff and facilities to handle what you desire on your special day.  Highly recommended for couples that have a lot of family and friends attending the ceremony.


Private Villa (Various Locations) from 245,000THB

As the name implies, a private villa is it’s own self-enclosed luxury residence.  A venue for couples that want to pamper themselves, their close family and friends in a multi-million dollar home.  Better than staying in a hotel or resort at a comparable price, a private villa offers pristine views and luxury living that only a select few can enjoy in their lifetimes.  Renting a private villa for 3 days is perfect for those looking for an intimate and private wedding within the comfort of a luxury villa.  Hiring a catering company for the reception dinner and open bar is highly recommended.



Feel free to inquire about other ways to make your ceremony or reception extra special.  We have an extensive network of local contacts and we can offer the best deals around!  Everything from flower arrangements, caterers, hair and make-up, photographers and videographers, to private transportation, live music and DJs to fire dancers and baby elephants we can make sure that we give you the wedding of your dream!